An educated person would listen to all, and do what suits him best. It is highly impossible to fool an educated person for it would take reasoning and logic to get him in the trap. Educations keeps you from being trapped in advisories that are no more fruitful than digging your house for the pot of gold.

I am a retired Physics tutor with over 35 years of  teaching experience as a teacher and head of faculty. My specialist areas are Maths and Physics, I am an AQA &  OCR examiner and have also taught and marked for  various other exam boards over the years.

To be teaching for so long, you have to be passionate about your subject and have the confidence to teach it at a first class level. My past students have always highly regarded me especially when they achieve the highest result possible for their ability.

Areas of expertise:

Physics  – KS3, GCSE, AS Level, A2 Level.

Maths – KS3, GCSE, AS Level, A2 Level.


Dr Paul Ellis