How do I get rid of fleas on my 8 week old puppy

Getting rid of fleas on a puppy can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step is to make sure you are using the right products for your puppy’s age. A Puppy 8 weeks old or younger should not be treated with any over-the-counter treatments that contain chemicals such as pyrethrins and pyrethroids. Look for natural, pet-safe alternatives or talk to your veterinarian about flea medications approved for puppies this young.

When treating your puppy for fleas, cool water baths are usually recommended as hot water will only make the situation worse by causing the fleas to reproduce faster. Allowing your pup to swim in cold water several times a week will help kill the existing fleas and prevent new ones from appearing. You may need to use a flea comb during the bath and carefully remove adult fleas from their fur. If there is an excessive amount of hair being removed, then it may be necessary to consider a professional grooming session as extra precautionary measure.

After bathing and drying your pup thoroughly, use some Non Toxic Flea Spray throughout its coat in order to kill any remaining parasites. This spray should always include ingredients such as cedarwood oil and eugenol which repel and exterminate them naturally while also providing relief from itching associated with infestation. Applying shampoo specifically formulated to fight off fleas can also help in keeping them away and prevent re-infestations down the line. Finally, vacuum carpets, rugs and furniture regularly around your home in order abstain from triggering an epidemic inside your house!

Vacuum: Thoroughly vacuum any areas where your puppy may have been exposed to fleas.

Vacuuming is an important step in getting rid of fleas on your 8 week old puppy. Vacuuming thoroughly any areas where your puppy may have been exposed to fleas will help to physically remove them from the area and prevent re-infestation. Additionally, it’s a good idea to vacuum up stray pet hair and fur, which can act as nesting places for fleas.

When vacuuming the affected area, pay special attention to cracks and crevices where the larvae might hide. The vacuum itself will weaken the larvae’s carapace so that it won’t survive more than a few hours.

For extra flea removal, you could use a steam cleaner which emits steam at about 160°F–which will definitely kill any lingering fleas hiding deep in carpets or furniture. Just make sure that none of this steam comes into contact with your puppy!

Wash Bedding: Frequently wash all bedding that your puppy has come into contact with using hot water and detergent.

Washing your puppy’s bedding is an essential part of getting rid of fleas. Flea eggs are almost impossible to see, so even if you don’t see any fleas on your puppy’s cushions or blankets, they could still be present. To ensure that all of the flea eggs are eliminated, it’s best to wash all bedding that your puppy comes into contact with in hot water and detergent.

Use a mild detergent specifically designed for pet bedding, as this will help kill eggs and larvae without irritating your pup’s skin. Make sure to complete a full cycle, using the highest temperature and agitation setting recommended by the manufacturer. Do this every few days to make sure that no fleas return.

Bathe Puppy: Give your puppy a warm bath with an approved flea shampoo. Be sure to always read the product directions carefully and never apply chemical flea treatments meant for adult dogs on puppies.

Bathing your 8 week old puppy is an excellent way to help get rid of fleas. Before you begin, make sure the temperature of the water is comfortably warm and avoid using hot water. Then locate a flea shampoo that’s specifically approved for puppies. It’s important to double check the product directions before applying any chemicals, as some adult flea treatments can be too strong for a puppy.

Once your puppy is lathered up with the approved shampoo, ensure it stays on for at least 10 minutes so it has time to properly work and kill off any live fleas or larvae that may be present. This process should also help break their life-cycle and prevent new infestations from occurring in the near future. After washing off the shampoo, make sure all suds are removed from the fur, then gently dry them off with a towel.

Ending things off

With careful planning and appropriate products, it is possible to get rid of fleas on your 8 week old puppy safely, quickly and effectively.